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Del Rey Party Rentals Wood Parkay-Original Dance Floor Estimated Capacity.
Not all guest will dance at one time. Lets Assume that only one-third of your guests will dance.This chart is based only on 33% of your total guests. You must also consider the total square footage that is designated or available for the portable dance floor. This Dance floor may be used indoor or outdoor. Other sizes available.
Del Rey Party Rentals stocks Hundreds of dance floor panels making it possible to deliver a dance floor for a few or large scale events for hundreds.

Dance Floor Size Estimated Number of Dancers
6'x9' 12
9'x9' 18
9'x12' 24
9'x15' 30
12'x12' 32
12'x15' 40
12'x21' 56
15'x18' 60
15'x21' 70
15'x24' 80
15'x27' 90
18'x24' 96
18'x27' 108
18'x30' 120
21'x27' 126
21'x30' 140
21'x33' 154
27'x27' 162
24'x33' 176
30'x30' 200
30'x33' 220
30'x36' 240


Price: $630.00

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